Übersetzungen für Medien, Kultur & Wissenschaft


"If language is not correct, then what is said
is not what is meant. (…)
Hence there must be no arbitrariness
in what is said.
This matters above everything."
Confucius, Lun Yu - The Analects, around 500 B.C.


Translation is not simply a question of replacing words of one language with words of another. The translated text not only has to convey the content of the original, but must also reflect its register, terminology, style and atmosphere. Its tone must be in keeping with the respective genre – journalism, the arts, advertising or science – and geared to the target media, such as films and TV productions, print media or websites. A good translation feels so natural to readers and listeners that they are fully unaware of its origin in a different language. This is just what pass>wort offers you – translations created specifically for your readers and listeners, conveying both content and style of the texts to open doors to foreign-language media which would otherwise remain firmly locked.

Your contact at pass>wort is Nicole Stange-Egert, a graduate translator for French and English, who collaborates with a closely-knit network of competent colleagues working exclusively into their own languages. Together they offer you exactly what pass>wort stands for – the “fitting word” as the key to your text in a foreign language. Our services are built on many years of experience, sound linguistic skills and thorough research coupled with absolute deadline compliance and full focus on quality as their primary goals. For these reasons, many of our customers have been relying on pass>wort for years.

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