Übersetzungen für Medien, Kultur & Wissenschaft


Media, the arts & culture

Translations for the arts and media have to meet very different requirements than those for the technical, scientific and commercial sectors. Images and style are much more important in these fields than elsewhere; a simple transferral of content does not fulfil the translation's true purpose of conveying the actual meaning to the target audience. "Transcreation" – the act of capturing the cultural essence and style of the original text - recreates its spirit in the target language. This not only requires broad and in-depth knowledge of both cultures, but also a great deal of linguistic sensitivity as well as journalistic and literary writing talent.

pass>wort has been translating for film & TV productions since 1996. The main focus is on the translation and adaptation of subtitles & voice-overs of foreign-language film productions for German TV and film audiences. Projects cover a wide range of topics, including political, cultural and music magazines, reports, documentary soaps and series as well as subtitling of opera, theatre, films and shorts. Our customers are film production companies who mainly work for public-sector broadcasters such as TV5, ARTE, 3-Sat, ZDF & ARD.

The range of pass>wort services for the arts, media & culture also includes websites and publishing house projects, e.g. collaborative translations of several books of the Lonely Planet travel guide series into German.

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